Exhibition “Den Steinen zuhören / Listening to the Stones” at Kunsthause Dresden

Exhibition “Den Steinen zuhören / Listening to the Stones”
Kunsthause Dresden
SAT 20/11/2021 – SUN 06/03/2022

Exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Kunsthaus Dresden in 2021
Yoav Admoni, Maria Thereza Alves und Jimmie Durham, Marie Athenstaedt, Alice Creischer & Andreas Siekmann, Lucile Desamory, Hatakeyama Naoya, Horikawa Michio, Hsu Chia-Wei, Koike Teruo, Alicja Kwade, Miyakita Hiromi, Munem Wasif, Sybille Neumeyer, Kadija de Paula & Chico Togni & FELL, Mathis Pfäffli, Erika Richter, Shitamichi Motoyuki, Suzuki Akio, Tang Han, Zhou Xiaopeng, Stephanie Zurstegge

Opening weekend
SAT 20/11/2021 / SUN 21/11/2021, 11 am-7 pm, Opening: SAT 20/11/2021, 2 pm

How old is humanity and how old is the planet that sustains it? The comparison to the age of stones radically relativizes human time measurement. The exhibition is dedicated to the material that in many respects forms the basis of our existence. On the occasion of its 30-year existence, the Kunsthaus Dresden presents a contemporary art show on the theme of stones.

The exhibition is a provocative as well as pensive response to the anniversaries being celebrated – 2021 also marks 160 years of German-Japanese friendship. These occasions are met with artistic as well as ethical and spiritual questions: What do we actually know about time? How must we change our lives – and our cultural perspective – to save our plant and our existence?

The artworks enable a view from very different positions on our globe to stones, which are regarded here not only as a resource, rough, uneventful, powerless, but also as a medium of geological and planetary knowledge. Listening to the Stones is also imbued with the hope for a symbolic restart by listening to stones as advisers and companions enabling us to relearn and rethink perspectives on the past and future.

Curated by Miya Yoshida in collaboration with Kerstin Flasche and Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz / Kunsthaus Dresden