Performance: stadtpark, bonn – bad godesberg, Germany

music in the park
“distance and density”
saturday, 25.8.2018, 16:00-17:00
bonn – bad godesberg,
stadtpark (city park) around the drinking pavilion of the natural spring

hiromi miyakita (jp)
»distance and density« performance
hiromi miyakita, dance/choreography
akio suzuki (jp), various instruments
georges paul (d/gr), saxophone & double bass
georg wagner (d), carillon
andreas oldörp (d), sound installation

on 25th august 2018 a one-off performance of a work by japanese choreographer hiromi miyakita from kyoto will take place around the pavilion of the kurfürstenquelle well in the city park in bad godesberg. miyakita has invited two further performers to accompany this dance performance: current city sound artist bonn akio suzuki and bonn-based musician georges paul. together they will explore the landscape of the city park by means of dance and sound and in the process incorporate in their actions both the nearby fixed carillon and former city sound artist bonn andreas oldörp’s installation »3_fluidum« around the natural spring, on permanent display since 2012.

hiromi miyakita: »i first visited this park in january this year. as i lingered at the terrace of the kurfürstenquelle pavilion, which was surrounded by a sound installation by andreas oldörp, i heard a sound flowing from below me like the voice of the earth itself. it was a sound that had none of the sluggishness of water flowing underground. my ears pricked up and all my senses sprang into life. as i gazed into the park, i could see the cars flowing by on the road in the distance, and the scenery suddenly transformed into a panorama. in the field of view that opened up, the movements of the people moving through the park excited my retinae in slow motion, and i felt like i was present at a once in a lifetime performance – like on the orbit.
sounds without interval. performers who appear from who knows where. the unity of nature and sound. passers-by. everything you see and everything you hear will become part of the performance.«

a project of bonn hoeren of the beethovenstiftung für kunst und kultur der bundesstadt bonn. in co-operation with bürger.bad.godesberg e.v.