Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train

ART CAMP TANGO 2017 -listening, seeing, being there-
Opening Performance “Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train”
Date|Sep. 9 (Sat.)

Experience this one-off, live, improvisational performance onboard a train from Tango to Toyooka, and the chance interweaving of sounds and bodies in time and space whilst the landscape passes by the window. Welcome to this journey on the performance train to mark the opening of the event.

Date|Sep. 9 (Sat.)

- Departing from Amino to Toyooka
Reception: 9:45-10:15 / Opening announcement: 10:20-
Boarding: 10:26 / Departure 10:32 / Arrival to Toyooka 11:50
– Departing from Toyooka to Amino
Reception: 12:45-13:15
Boarding: 13:15 / Departure 13:23 / Arrival to Amino 14:28

Venue| Kyoto Tango Railways Amino station –Toyooka station
Artists| Samson Cheung, Arumimi Hifumi, Reina Kimura, Fiona Lee, Makoto Oshiro, Akio Suzuki, Akinori Yamasaki
Performance Direction| Hiromi Miyakita
Seating capacity| up to 40
Tickets: 2,500 yen (advance)/ 3,000yen (door), 1,000yen (age 6-12/under age 6 free) 
Round-trip discount: 4,000 yen (advance), 5,000 yen (door)
Reservation available on ART CAMP TANGO website: http://www.artcamptango.jp/en/contact/
Program collaborator: Kinosaki International Art Center (Toyooka City), Kyoto Tango Railways