Hiromi Miyakita’s Dance and Art

Everything dances.

「Drift Trace Upward」(2019, Acrylic Print)


A performance score of “Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train (2017, Direction)


「rhythmmssssss #2」(2020、Silk Screen Print)

Something just there,

“Trace of Wave” (2021、Tape on window of HOTEL ACAO)

The ones drawn.

「S P A N K」(2012, Drawings)

She also dances,

“The Other Body” (2019, 3331 Arts Chiyoda)

in front of people,

“Distance & Density”(2018、Bonn)

in a factory area

“Iron Island Fes”(2017、Tokyo)

in a theater,

Takehito Koganezawa “Naked Theatre ” Performance(2019、KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater)

in natural environments.

“NuTu – Tateiwa”(2021、Video)

Everything keeps dancing.

=photo credit=
“Trace of Wave” KABO
“S P A N K” Atsushi Koyama
“The Other Body” Ujin Matsuo
“Iron Island Fes” Yusuke Suzuki
“Distance & Density”Meike Boeschemeyer / Courtesy of Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture Bonn
“Naked Theatre”bozzo
“NuTu – Tateiwa” Yuko Kawaguchi