March 9 – 24, 2019
at Mihashira Shrine, YabuNakaze, Hyogo
Installation Lying Gold


This is the town where the gold sleeps

Billions of years in the past and in the future forever

Without changing anything, without being changed

Gold is lying

I was guided the town by the member of Nakaze Kinzankai. I heard that gold mining was stopped because it was not profitable. There are still gold in a mountain. The gold generated by the huge force that the stars collided had already existed when the earth was born. Gold is stable compared to iron and others, so it has not changed. Gold has been on the mountain long since it was discovered here in Nakaze in 1573, and it has been reduced in 400 years, but gold is there. I started my art practices from dance and I have handled disappearing things for a long time. Being “forever” sounds very mysterious for me. I was deeply moved by the gold, which exists forever without changing.

Just as a choreographer works with dancers, I create opportunities for the objects around me to dance. You may see something for breakfast. From the shrine, you can see the houses of Nakaze, the mountains where gold was once mined, and the factories. May lead to an unusual experience that mixes everyday.