Performance and Installtion Viewing “point A ⇄ point B”
at ozasahayashi_project(KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku 1F)

Installation Viewing:
18 fri. – 20 sun. / 25 fri. – 27 sun. March, 2016
(The Gallery opens 4 p.m.-9 p.m.)

19 sat. Hiromi Miyakita & Ayuko Ikeda
26 sat. Hiromi Miyakita & Sachiko M
27 sun. Hiromi Miyakita & Akio Suzuki
The performance starts at 3 p.m. (about 40 minutes)
Coordinated by Aya Aoshima
Special Thanks to KYOTO ART HOSTEL kumagusuku, ozasahayashi, Planet N, PS812, Taro Aoyama, Yuko Kanamori
Photography Tsutomu Aoshima, Atsushi Koyama, Ujin Matsuo
KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2016 Spring Finge Open Entry Performance

The body itself exists as substance. It controls time. It can even be a space. The body also exists within substance; it drifts in time while knowing that it is placed placed in space. With this sense, I am liberated from artistic categories or the means of expression. It would be applied to any form of art: visual, spacial, sound and performing art. I can also apply this sense to the visual arts, and even to space and music. Similarly to having a solid home, a place from where you can go out into the world and come back safely, my body is able to shuffle between spaces created by different artistic expression.
Hiromi Miyakita