ART CAMP TANGO 2016 Research Residence and Presentation
「around sound and site-specific」

Date August 28th (sun), 2016 14:00-17:00 (open at 13:30)
14:00-15:30 / Artists Performance
15:45-17:00 / Directors’ Talk – “launching of ART CAMP TANGO/ Festival 2017”
17:00- after party
Venue: Kyoto Art Center
Akio Suzuki (sound artist | Tango, Japan) **appears on a movie
Hiromi Miyakita (dancer, artist | Tango, Japan)
Akinori Yamasaki (guitarist, composer |Tango, Japan)
Makoto Oshiro (sound artist | Tokyo, Japan)
Reina Kimura (dancer, choreographer |Tokyo/Kobe, Japan)
Samson Cheung (artist | Hong Kong)
Fiona Lee (sound artist | Hong Kong)
Frank Tang (artist | Hong Kong)
Directors, Curators & Art Managers
Alice Wong (soundpocket curator, manager| Hong Kong)
Aya Aoshima (ART CAMP TANGO curator, project manager)
Mami Katsuya (Kyoto Art Center program director)
Kazukiyo Kawabuchi (ART CAMP TANGO project manager)
Yuichiro Yoshida ( Kinosaki International Art Center, program director)

Organizer|ART CAMP TANGO Executive Committee
Co-organizers|NPO soundpocket, Kyoto Art Center
Collaborator| ALL Tango, Kinosaki International Art Center (Toyooka City), Tsukitei
Supported by The Fukutake Foundation, Kyoto Prefecture (the Cultur Challenge Grant)
Endorsed by|Kyotango City, Kyotango City Board of Education